Bedworth 40 point X Wing Tournament

X wing is still a very enjoyable game, simple, easy and fun to play, clean rules and adaptable.

An example of this is the next Bedworth Tournament. Rules are simple:
1. 40 points
2. Small ships only
3. All lists must have 2 ships

John of Steam and Shields has been writing about it too here

Easy right? Then the kicker was added.

Single elimination

Lose one game and its over, you’re done, thanks for playing and goodnight.

Whats at stake? A ship from the new wave and a trophy, but mainly bragging rights!

I’ve put my list together with care, following the traditional theme of style before purpose!

I was even looking forward to it, right until I saw the first round draw:


It’s a family blog, so I can’t repeat my first response.

Martin and me have….history. I always have fun games, but ive not beaten him in tournament play. Ever.

So this might be a short night! I’ll report back soon as it looks like lots of fun.

As ever suggestions and comments are welcome!


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