X Wing Minatures Game: Shadow Games Store Tournement Report

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So following up from James’s devious luring of me into X Wing, we’d played a lot and faced a time old question. Are we just club good, or actually good?

Luckily Shadow Games offered a perfect way to find out; a new stop on the 2014 Store championship series

Me and James from IYGDTTWT, went over for the day, with the aim of answering our question!

Most people prepare for tourneys with intense discussion, practice and rest. We went to the pub, then thanks to my son the air raid siren, the 3.5 hours sleep I got was topped up with a very good cup of coffee (the put-put in the marketplace, excellent coffee, ginormous sizes!).

With this in mind we finally gathered somewhere close to awake in the back room, with the 6 other contenders for the tournament crown. This was made more interesting by the fact the current UK champion was amongst the number.

My list was Bobba Fett in Slave 1 and 3 TIE’s of various personalities. This list was picked on no sleep on the basis of what was cool. It worked surprisingly well.

So the four rounds, first round draw was made, and wouldn’t you just know it, guess who I got first round!

So in summary:

Round 1 vs Tie Swarm ran by the UK Champion – lost, couldn’t win the attrition war. Was damn close though!

Round 2 vs Double fire spray list. Win. Flukiest, most jammie win ever. I get a bit trashed by overlapping fields of fire (all credit to my opponent) and was left with backstabber vs a fully healthy Kat Scarlet. At this point, taking a leaf out of the James Blair arrogance playbook, I declared my comeback would be epic…..and actually pulled it off, between careful maneuvering and just enough evading to grind him down and finish him off. My opponent was surprised,  I was even more so!

Round 3 vs Han shot first list driven by my Nemesis James ‘Ginger Plague’ Blair. Lost, so so bitterly. This went badly to start with and then a crucial time I suffered an attack of CCF. Now most sufferers of CCF know it strikes at the worst possible time, and wrecks what is going on. Yes, I am speaking about Critical Caffeine Failure and in this instance at a critical time it robbed me of the ability to tell left from right. As I’m sure you can imagine the gloating has been enough to make sure next time I won’t get more sleep, I will in fact have more coffee!

Round 4 vs Grab bag rebel list. Win. This was a strange one, the player seemed to be using stuff he liked which I can’t fault as that was also my approach. I picked him apart piecemeal as he got stuck in the asteroids on his side of the table.

So overall 2-2, and so close to 3-1. this was good enough for 3rd and the glowing range ruler that goes with it. Strangely due to the tournament pack, this was above James, which was more than a little satisfying!

So overall on the gaming front the brave representatives of BWC weren’t an embarrassment!

I had a great time, short of the annual charity gaming tournament this was one of the most fun events I’ve ever been in. Every player was a joy to play, every game was a delight and it was more like a day casual gaming for the level of fun and banter (though the player around me and James in game 3 wouldn’t have released we were being nicer to each other than usual, far far nicer!). In short, brilliant and all you could want in a tournament.

Shadow Games did a great job, friendly staff, great setup, brilliant facilities, clean and well stocked. I can’t recommend them highly enough and will shortly be returning for my board game fix! (and the award for knowing your audience, in the store toilets there is deodorant available, in a nice subtle and pleasant way as anyone who’s been to a gamer gathering will appreciate).

So overall, I will be returning to prove I am not simply Bedworth good, and I look forward to hopefully next time qualifying for the regionals as store champion (a budding sith can dream!)


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