First Time For Everything: X Wing Minatures Game

x wing logoLife is full of adult choices, grown up decisions and important choices. A mere four weeks after saying I’m limiting the games I play to a list that didn’t include anything new, and then this happens.

I’m taking the adult, grown up choice; I’m blaming James from IYGDTTWT. Because it’s his fault.

And the game, I’m blaming the game, cause its moreish like crack.

So James rocks up having given in to his notoriously poor impulse control and suggests we play, we read the quick start rules and get set up. I pick the upstanding good guys: The Empire (they are the good guys, it’s a HR thing) and we play a double starter set game, 2 X Wings vs four TIE’s and of course the Empire are victorious.

And then I have a problem, because this game is good, very very good. But then I realise it’s OK, I remember that was just the starter rules, when it expands out, it’s going to be clunky and slow down. So we read the full rules (all additional 4 pages!) and play again.

And dammit, the game is even better.

In short the game is brilliant at simulating Star Wars dogfights, with ships dodging, rolling, and shooting in a very cinematic way. The rules are a dream, smooth and well written, with little ambiguity. The game moves fast and the way the pilot skills work with the worst pilots moving first, then shooting last is an excellent mechanic that encourages you to think through what you’re doing carefully, but allows great tactics.

But the most important thing is it is crazy good fun, from making the Star Wars references you usually make playing other games, to saying ‘Pew Pew Pew’ when you shoot, it’s just an absolute blast.

I’ve caved and bought in, so you’ll be seeing more posts on this soon.

If your thinking of getting into the game, there’s great resources out there:

The excellent X Wing Podcast is  great starting point, with the aim of chronicling the hosts also just starting out.

Also, as ever, Wil Wheaton has beaten me to it with a Tabletop episode, the main point of which (as observed by everyone) is that Seth Green married well above his weight class!

Fantasy flight also have the rulebook on their website for free and a series of tutorials to help.

I can’t recommend this game enough, but what does everyone else think?

Comments, as always, are welcome.


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