2014 – State of BSG address

As we’ve completed another orbit round the sun, and once again though the careful work of Delta green and the Laundry avoided the old ones rising I thought now might be a good time for an update on plans for the blog and my gaming future in general.

Firstly though, I’m thrilled to say we’ve passed 5000 hits!

This happened a little before Christmas and frankly, I’m amazed! Thank you to every single visitor for your support and especially the dystopian legion forum goers at the Spartan Games site, as my Prussians continue to be amongst my higher page views.

So, onwards to 2014!

Firstly I’d like to review last years aims and see how I got on (hint: not well)

I only had one: complete a tier 4 Ashlynn force in 6 months (by August 2013) or by the end of 2013. Now while that didn’t happen, i do feel i made good progress as you can see here

I’m also going to blame early arrival of the little fella for this one, the lad is a time hoover!

So going forwards my plan is simple: simplify.


I intend to focus on four systems chosen on the basis that:

They’re played locally
I’ve already got an army for them
They’re games I enjoy

So this year I’ll be sticking with Warhammer 40k, but mainly working on my Dark Eldar as they make me want to paint.

In the same vein I’ll have occasional Warmachine games, if nothing else they might inspire me to get on with the Magnum Opus.

I’ll be looking at Malefaux having had a game under the new system recently and found it much better, meaning I’ll be breaking our Ramos and his crew (which I’ll post up shortly)

And finally I’ll be continuing to represent the might Prussian Empire in Dystopian Legions, especially as full rules and army books are out this year. It looks like a very exciting one for the efficient grey machine!


I will finally get in gear and run the brilliant  Nova Praxis, we’ve done one game already and you can see our background site (with lots more to come) on Obsidian Portal (an excellent little tool) here.

I’m also looking forward to playing some IK RPG play by post, especially as Kings, Nations and Gods is an excellent supplement for my other favorite system.

What Else?

Two Things, Painting, so you’ll continue to see both my ongoing projects and any interesting commissions here and Board and Card Games. Board and Card games are great, you don’t have to paint them, the rules are straightforward and they don’t need (in most cases) gluing together!

Because of this they are perfect for the new dad!

I’ve added Ticket to Ride, Android: Infiltration, Pandemic, Cards against Humanity and Smash Up! to my gaming collection after a very nerdy Christmas, and will be posting my thoughts as and when I get to play them.

So, in not so short, there’s the plan. If you think there’s anything else I should take a look at, let me know in comments.

Feedback, as ever, is welcome.


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