Random Thoughts – Motivation

The last few weeks have been slightly interesting in the ‘May you have an interesting life’ kind of way. My son arrived, very early, and pretty much all my time has been taken up at the Special Care unit of the hospital with him.

So I’ve not had any time for, well, anything really, let alone gaming.

However I had a little time on Saturday night about 10 pm and I thought I’d go back to what I know will relax me, what has been my comfort in the past: painting.

And it just didn’t happen.

I tried finishing my Blue Sun themed MERCS squad, half a bloke to do, nothing. I tried an ultramarine, nothing. I even tried basing and just couldn’t start. I just couldn’t get in gear at all.

This is unlike me entirely, painting has always been my haven, and so to have no inspiration is very very strange.

So in essence I’ve had to turn to other outlets. For the anniversary RPG book this year I’ve treated myself to the IK RPG supplement Kings, Nations and Gods, so will review that when I get chance, along with No Quarter presents Urban Adventures.

However my big passion at the moment is a Fate based RPG called Nova Praxis. This is a great game from Void star Studios who can be found here. I backed this on the original kickstarter when the writer basically took my thoughts and put them in a book. It’s a great system, excellent fluff and so much depth, and if you don’t believe me, go read it, for free, then buy the book or enhanced PDF to support their efforts

I’ve ran a starting adventure with my group and it was excellent. Rather than having to shoehorn my ideas in Diaspora I use this instead and it fits like a glove.

I’ll put up more posts soon, when I get chance.

What’s everyone else playing at the minute?


4 responses to “Random Thoughts – Motivation

  1. I’m still loving my whfb and demons, in fact if anything I’ve been finding it easier to get motivated. Knowing what you’ve been through, I’m stunned you had the energy to try and paint 😉 Once you’ve got a more settled routine and things are as close to normal as they’ll get as a parent, I’m sure you’ll find your mojo again. The key right now (imo) is to relax and enjoy the ride.

  2. After a big rush of painting for the most recent tournament I’m putting away my Cygnar for a little while and painting either my High Elves (especially as there is a local painting event) or my Marines (for a different upcoming event) – So I’m obviously motivated by competition!

    I’m going to take a gander at Nova Praxis, as you’re very rarely totally wrong on RPGs, and speaking from experience, you shouldnt worry about a drought in painting so soon after your new arrival! Once you’re all in and settled at home, you’ll have your mojo back!

    keep going mate, you are doing well. As ever, you know where to find me if you need help XD

    • Thanks for the ringing endorsement!
      I think i need a bit of time away, and then come back to either Marines for the Charity Tournament or the Opus.

      I’m just waiting for my Mojo, I’m sure it’ll return soon!

      If i called a jack Mojo and painted it, do you think that’d work?

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