Dystopian Legions – For Queen and for Country Battle Report

A Dystopian Legions battle report today from written up by James of IYGDTTWT.
As I lost the bet I also have to add the agreed youtube video here, just to show how James views the mighty Prussians. However today felt more like this (Wait for the penalty call 40 seconds in.)

Great game as ever, and my valiant attempts to charge down the cowardly Brits hiding behind their guns were unsuccessful!

If you go down to the woods today

Hello there, today I have a battle report from a game I recently played again Paul from blood shines gold

Seen here posing with Siegfried the mad professor!

So it was 250 points dystopian legions, kingdom of Britannia Vs the evil Prussian empire.
Now we know they are evil because in our previous outings the noble Brits got smashed up, and when to the good guys ever start of by doing really well!

So this isn’t going to be a full report but more a run down of key points below is the table and set ups.




I like to add little stories to my games, on this heavily wooded board I imagine its a clash in the Ardennes region.

The game started of poorly for Paul my heavy machine gun section gunned down his artillery before it even got to shoot


This gave me effective control of the middle…

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