Warmachine – A Colossal Undertaking – Assembly Part 3: Arms, Basework and Game On!

I know what you’re all thinking, “My, how handsome you are today!” and thanks, I try to eat well, also “When are you going to stop building the Opus and start painting?”. Well this will be the last of the assembly articles. The reason I’ve gone though in such detail is that it’s been a pain, mainly as there are few guides or guide pictures on the net, so I thought others following in my footsteps might find this useful.

And I believe with the imminent arrival of Gaston, the Merc journeyman caster from the Warmachine tactics kickstarter, there will be many.

So today we have the final pieces to put together, arms!

Both arms are massive and will be a challenge to stick on when all done. I’m keeping the big ball and socket shoulder pads separate for ease of painting and assemble later.

Warmachine Mercenary Galleon Collossal right arm 1 Warmachine Mercenary Galleon Collossal left arm 1

Both arms again are very characterful and the docking claw especially suits the Merc aesthetic perfectly.

With the base I wanted to do something different, I decided to get a bit creative. Following the example for Ashlynn’s base, i decided on a ring of flagstones surrounding a central stone with the crown and stars, allowing me to tie it into my force theme and also get some reassuring purple on it, so it doesn’t wander off.

So, to the green stuff!

Warmachine Mercenary Galleon Collossal Base 1

The central crown may be filled in with green stuff before the final painting starts and then I’ll freehand the detail in, as I intend to with the stars.

Finally though everything is built and ready to go, leaving my painting desk look like this:

Warmachine Mercenary Galleon Collossal game on!

Next week might be the first bits of painting if I get time!

Assembly done, painting up next, Game on!

Comments, as always, are welcome.


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