Random Thoughts – Warmachine, Guilty Wins and Game Expectations

I have a sorry tale to tell dear reader, of a man who has fallen from grace. I am a fluff gamer, devotedly so, but at the end of the day despite my pacemaker I am only human. This is how I fell.

So at the Bedworth club we have a few regulars, one of them is a Khador player, lets call him Nick (as that’s his name).

After a period of absence from the club for a few months Nick was coming back to play regularly and his first game back was against yours truly.

Now Nick is the proud owner of a Colossal, a big blocky monolith which strikes fear into the hearts of an infantry horde, like my steelhead list.

The conversation arranging the game went like this:

Nick: So, 35 points then?
Me: Yep, I’ll bring Ashlynn or McBain.
Nick: So, no restrictions, I can take anything I want (what cannot be explained in text was the smile in his eyes as he mentally added his colossal to his list)
Me: yep, sounds good.

And this point, right here is where I chose…poorly. Nick knows I didn’t own a colossal, and at that point I didn’t. However within 2 days that had changed, as I’m sure you guessed from the previous posts.

This brings me to expectations. Nick was expecting a romp, as his big fella turned my puny mercs to dust. So I caved and could only run a list described as filth:

Another Galleon
Douglas Macnaile (aka, Galleon’s best friend)
Ogrun Bokour (answering the “what do you do with your spare points” question)

His face was a picture as i put the colossal and colossal proxy out. The game was … Short. The moment his caster stumbled into range he was speared, dragged and pummeled to death by the Opus.

So my question is was I wrong?

The Meta at our club has always been competitive, more so since the return of James from IYGDTTWT who spent several months gaming in Bristol and came back with the legendary line “My army is themed, Winning is a theme”. John from Steam and Shields is just as bad, with a very math-machine approach leading to such ruthlessly efficient forces that Germans would applaud (but whose article on Fluff vs crunch is well worth a read).

However, Colossals are a relatively new addition to the club and have only been taken singularly despite the FA:2 for all of them. Thus I shamefully became the first player to field the double colossal list. And that seems to have gotten a bit of notice.

James twitter 1 Jmes twitter 2

I’d like to think this is because everyone is worried about my slip from fluffy gaming, but mainly i think they’re just relived they weren’t the first.

My status as a fluff gamer is beyond questioning, I’m building a tier 4 Ashlynn force for crying out loud, which actively makes her worse as a caster. The only comparable analogy is taking the Halfling team for Blood Bowl.

And unless its a full on tournament, I’m not going to do it again for the very simple reason that it was one of the most unsatisfying wins I’ve ever had. It was no fun at all to know I’d won in the building army stage and didn’t have the close back and forth all the best games do.

I’m playing Nick again this week, I feel karmically I might receive the kicking my fluffy side feels I richly deserve.

So what are your thoughts? What expectations are guaranteed and whats a given in your games and local club environments?

Comments, as always, are welcome.


2 responses to “Random Thoughts – Warmachine, Guilty Wins and Game Expectations

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  2. I’m not sure wether to take your comment as pariase or criticism! XD I have been moving away from the maths is all as a general rule, but if it is approaching a tournament, then yeah, all bets are off!

    Double Collosal is a legal ioption for gaming, and depending on caster, may not be the most efficient choice for smaller games anyway. So, play with what you want at the end of the day, we were simply surprised you dropped the galleons first!

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