Warmachine – A Colossal Undertaking – Part 2: Assembly – Legs and Torso

The Magnum Opus begins with the assembly of the legs and torso. I’ll be assembling and painting it in parts

So a few bits of advice for my fellow Mercenary colossal builders:

  • Do a full check before your start, there are so many bits to this kit you don’t want to get part way and realise you’ve not got everything.
  • Sort the parts out into areas, I bagged them into torso, legs, left arm and right arm.
  • Hunt down the mold lines like they said something about your sister. There’s lots of smooth, curved surfaces and if you don’t get them during assembly, they’ll be a nightmare later.
  • The very small diagram that PP provide is very basic, however

So working from the bottom I’ve got the legs together (make sure you dry fit the feet first)

Warmachine Galleon Colossal legs

Then came the torso, which is far more complex, ensure you dry fit the pipes on the top by the smoke stacks, and if you trim the pegs off, they’ll fit much easier.

Warmachine Mercenary Colossal Torso front Warmachine Galleon Colossal Torso Back Warmachine Mercenary Colossal Torso side 1 Warmachine Mercenary Colossal Torso side 2

Then of course the head, which is being kept separate for painting.

Warmachine Mercenary Colossal Head

Finally to give you an idea of scale, with his good freind (in any merc list) Master Gunner Dougal McNaile for scale

Warmachine Mercenary Colossal so far

Next week is arms and hopefully beginning painting.

Comments, as always, are welcome.


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