Free Llael Friday – Rhupert Carvelo, Piper of Ord

So, continuing my attempts at a fully painted Tier 4 Ashlynn list today is Rhupert Carvelo, Piper of Ord, another one of the many fun solos that make up the force, and one that’s very special to me personally.

I have a repaired hole in the heart and now a cardiac pacemaker, as such, I’ve had a number of surgeries and have developed a strange tradition. Each time I go for an operation (and there’s been more than a few between heart stuff and other surgeries)  in I take my painting kit and a few models I’ve been trying to work round to. Anyone who’s been under the knife knows it’s the waiting that’s the worse bit of the whole process, and in that sometimes endless seeming waiting time I crack on.

Rhupert the Piper was one of those models, done on 21st July 2005 on the eve of my pacemaker operation along with the Ghordson Driller from the Rhulic starter set. It was from an earlier time where Escalation was the new book out, options were limited and apparently my mercs were based with sand.

It seems fitting that having just passed my 8 year anniversary of going transhuman that he’s become useful again in project resistance.

Now I like the paint job on this model and whereas on others from that time I’d probably try to go back and tidy it up, in this occasion as it’s a reminder of a special date, I’ve resisted that urge.

You’ll also note as this pre-dates project resistance by several years, the token bit of purple used in other places to tie my theme together is missing.

Warmachine Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord front Warmachine Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord back

So, anyone else have miniatures with strange traditions?

As ever, comments are welcome.


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