Free Llael Friday – The Last Temptation of Cyriss

So as any readers will be well aware I have a gaming attention span…challenge, shall we say. I’m also known for moving between armies, games and projects with astonishing regularity. The main advantage in being an adult is I don’t have to sell the last project to fund the next one, so when I do come back round to the game/army/project I’ve usually got a basis to work on.

The new big thing in Warmachine in the Convergence of Cyriss, the clockwork fans who were originally from the witchfire trilogy. I was tempted, quite a bit. and then I saw the jacks and luckily they had the same effect as seeing the first rays of sunshine hitting a hangover, and put me off by quite a distance.

I thought I was safe and could continue with the Dystopian Legions, RPG, commission Skaven and 4 or 5 other projects currently in the to do pile.

Then the swines at Privateer released to pictures of the Clockwork Angels

Now, this is what Cyriss should look like. My primal gaming brain was feeling whimsical and gave me a musical reaction. It told me ya got trouble, trouble right here in River City, that’s trouble with a T, that rhymes with C and that stands for Cyriss.

So yeah, I came very close to defecting. I managed to reign in my PayPal (just) and started to think about it logically. The models I liked were in the minority, whereas I had a faction I loved already. Cyriss maybe the new shiny, but I needed somthing to pull me back into mercs, especially as the local scene is resurging and I am the merc standard-bearer.

As I was considering this I was scanning the to-do queue on my painting table, and then I spotted her.

The lady that started this, the figure that kicked off the idea for Free Llael Fridays. Sitting, waiting demurely for the combination of my inspiration, time and patience to be perfect to do her justice.

I’ve been very vocal that I think the PP exclusive alternate Ashlynn model is one of the best they’ve ever made, and this week I’ve finally started it. It’s a beautiful thing a superb miniature which is a joy to paint and when she’s ready and completely done, I’ll put her up here.

Also with the money I’ve saved not starting Cyriss, maybe, just maybe I can shoehorn her a new toy into my gaming budget.

So what does everyone else think of the new Cyriss Shiny?

Comments, as ever are welcome.


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