Dystopian Legions – Further Thoughts and Ironclads

So, I’ve been playing more Dystopian Legions against Si and his Empire of the Blaming Sun (damn Ninjas!), Gary and his Federated States of America forces and James with his crumpet eating British (who’s blog of his painting and gaming, including his usual crushing defeats at my hands can be found here)  and i thought I’d share my further thoughts after more games.

Firstly this game is fun. Lots of fun. Although it turned out in the intro game James gave me and Si we got many rules wrong (Sooo many), it’s even better than I thought when you follow all the rules in the rulebook. I want to play more and I’m intrigued to see how it expands over the next few releases.

It’s also an inspiring game, as many of my friends will tell you, fully painted is a rare state for my personal armies, so the fact that Dystopian Legions has so much painted and based (as you’ve seen here on the blog) and much more on the painting table shows how much fun it is with great figures, the Teutonic Knights and Alternative Commander being amongst my favorites for quite some time.

And that brings me to the next releases: Ironclads.

The models look ace, I can’t wait to get stuck in, but the rules worry me. The main problem of the Prussian force seems to be Anti Armour. We have the magic arm of our named character; artillery which you should really be firing at squishier things, the Tesla Lance on the knights and now the Tesla pistol on out LT.

The Ironclad solves all those problems. In fact it solves the main problem you face in any game: your opponent annoyingly has figures on the board, it will remove them with style while being very hard to crack itself.  It will frankly knob all before it and if I face one, there is pretty much nothing I can do, unless I have one of my own. This troubles me, in essence it makes the slightly rock, paper, scissors feel to the game more pronounced. I’m hoping all factions ironclads kinda balance out, and the next wave is specialist anti-tank infantry.

Spartan have done well so far, I’m just hoping they can show they can do a better balancing job than Sparky, the one-legged alcoholic carnie acrobat, otherwise if they’re not careful, Legions will be the worse game for it.

Anyway I’ll post more as i get more painted and also let you know how the Ironclads fair when i buy or proxy one to try.

Comments, as always, are welcome.


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