The thin red line

A battle report from a friendly opponent and regular poster on the Spartan Boards James Blair, (AKA Shiba yoma) I’m the one doing the photo-bombing! if you like the read, check out his blog, where there’s plenty more Brits where that came from!

If you go down to the woods today

So tonight I played my first game of dystopian legions in a few weeks and overall it was an enjoyable if frustrating experience, there’s not a huge amount of photos for this report mostly because my battery died. So I shall plunge in and give some analysis afterwards

My opponent for tonight’s proceedings was shipman from blood shines gold with his Prussians

The list from memory was
1 lieutenant
8 grenadiers with medic and virlinger
3 Teutonic Knights with officer and specialist
2 tankettes
And a HMG

My Brits where
1 lieutenant
10 infantry with drummer, 2 specialists, and sarg
1 Bassett tankette
And 5 hussars with specialists and nco

Here is the Prussian set up with photobomb from the opposition


My British set up



First turn was pretty straight forwards I moved my line infantry in cover but some spectacular shooting killed half the squad. My return fire…

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One response to “The thin red line

  1. Looking good the both of you! wish Ihad more of a chance to watch the game, but the tankettes on both sides looked great!

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