Random Thoughts – Jumping on The Bandwagon

This post is bizarrely inspired by a music video: Reward by the Teardrop Explodes. It is quite simply then best illustration of today’s subject, as 5 seconds in you see the Bandwagon! (possible driven by Keith from BWC)

It is running joke at our games club that people jump onto the new army and codexs, as I’ve said before the codex creep for GW frustrates me but my decision was to go for an entirely different army and play style rather than paint my smurfs green. however there are others who swoop on a new codex, sometimes from scratch or sometimes with the excuse of having a pre-existing army.

This, in my opinion, is the symptom of two problems:

  1. Shiny Model Syndrome
  2. Codex Creep

Now I know of no gamers who have dodged shiny model syndrome, and its often true that new armies have the best toys and I picked up Tau the first time around, and my latest army, Dark Eldar precisely for that reason. This is especially true for hobbyists, after all a lot of effort goes into building and painting, so you need the kick of inspiration great models give you.

However the second reason is something different, and it speaks to your mindset as a player of the game. Occasionally in an organised play setting you come across people who clearly barely like their army, but are playing them for one reason:

The army is top their; and as such maximises their chances of victory.

For me this isn’t the point of the game, but as you can probably tell I’m more of a hobbyist than a player, but it does annoy me when a lack of balance in new releases is shown by tournament results, walk known as the ‘how many grey knights players’ syndrome.

I have a simple request, when you want to buy your next army, take a moment and think why. I know his may be seen as an anti-competitive player rant, but it isn’t. But I you’re picking an army due to rules and rules alone, just be honest with yourself and those you game with about it.

Comments, as always, are welcome.


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