First time for Everything – Call of Cthulhu

So in a bit of a change of pace last week I got to play one of the legends of the genre, Call of Cthulhu.

Call of Cthulhu

In essence we had great fun with two old professors, a female journalist and the janitor exploring a spooky library to find out what happened to the librarian (spoiler: hadn’t nipped out for a sandwich). and then how to stop it/he/she/they! Again would like to say I’m avoiding spoilers, but also unsure of what happened as it should be in all good CoC games.

The system surprised me to be honest, I’m very much a light system gamer, and Call of Cthulhu is very numbers heavy. Having played Unknown Armies in the past which is similarly numbers heavy it can really bog down and just kill tension, which is the main driver of this kind of game. However in this system and this game it worked well, the GM was very interactive and flexible on the stats used and kept the game moving.

He also did the well-known call of Cthulhu trick of many things being very disturbing sight/sound/smell and having fun with the SAN loss. As such my Professor of Medicine now eats his own hair when stressed, hoepfully he’ll recover, but somehow I think will be the start of the traditional decent into madness.

Overall the system was good and a lot of that came from working with the GM very well to get the most out of it, we had a great time (it was very nice not to GM!) and it looks like we’re going to start a campaign.

What is everyone elses experience with this classic of the genre?


3 responses to “First time for Everything – Call of Cthulhu

  1. Lol spoil away it wasn’t a “core” scenario, i just stole a badguy from somewhere. Rest was my evil doing

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