Power Through Pain – Warhammer 40,000 Dark Eldar Warriors and Motivation.

So I’ve been working away on my Dark Eldar and have completed a squad of 8, as you can see from the pics below.

I also threw a quick photo on Facebook and received one of the most motivating comments from one of the other CGF painters:

facebook comments

Now Dan is a good painter, and I highly recommend his blog here, but he’s now managed to motivate me. I am determined to produce a battle force in 1 month, just to prove him wrong and follow my successful pledge last month, then hopefully poison the hell out of his Necrons with it!

So, progress continues, I’m up to 8 Warriors now:

Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors

So plan is Sybrite and last warrior then a raider i think!

Comments, as always, are welcome.


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