Random Thoughts – Frustration in Grim Dark Future (AKA My Beautiful Skip)


I am a marine player, mainly because I put a lot of time and effort into an Ultramarines force built on the basis of last starter set and I’ve been playing them since with mixed success, but some noticeable highs including a tournament win.

But the codex that was at least middle of the road before isn’t what it used to be, and this was bought to a head by a game a couple of weeks back

I have a Stormtalon, the space marine flyer. It is a beautiful thing, named Calgar’s Wrath, I bought it as Modelling and painting project and it came out very well. I spent about 10 hours altogether, in time to field it for a game on that day.

Where it did sod all and then got shot down.

Thinking this an initial aberration, I proceeded to field it in several more games, where pretty much the same thing happened.

After the last frustrating game where this trend was broken, as it’s hard to shoot down what never turns up, I hit a peak of frustration with the Stormtalon, emphasised by the fact that due to being painted green one of my opponents had cheaper, more effective, more flexible choices.

I decided it was time to step away from 40k. but after further thought, I realised it wasn’t 40k that was frustrating me, it was just my Ultramarines. So buoyed by my painting success with the Dystopian Legions Prussians, I made a radical decision.

It’s time for a new army.

But which to choose? I had a few criteria:

  • Codex must be recent
  • Models must be nice and appealing
  • Playstyle must be far away from MEQ as possible

So Dark Angels are eliminated, as are Chaos. I’ve played most of the 40k armies at one point or another and there are very few I haven’t painted. I also realised i have a habit of playing ‘good’ armies, and to reflect the Green eyed, cyborg HR person i am in real life (sadly I’m not kidding) I decided it was time to get in touch with my more evil side.

This left one natural choice: Dark Eldar

These are about as far from MEQ as you can get, nice figures and very different to paint. There are also very few DE player sin the area, and because they are very hard to play effectively they are cheap on ebay!

I started this plunge in to evil by getting the codex, and then going whole hearted evil: sniping someone with 4 seconds left on a Dark Eldar battlebox.

So you’ll start seeing more painting and, once I’ve got a painted force of more than 400 points, a few games too. I expect to get a kicking, especially as I start, but its making me want to paint and play 40k, which is a positive.

So once i have something to show, i’ll post it up here.


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