Random Thoughts – CGF Macmillan Warhammer 40k Doubles Charity Tournament

Ever had the moment where you’d love to re roll dice at a crucial moment in a game?

How much would you pay to do that? a few pence? a few pounds?

Well the highest we found yesterday was around £15 back and forth.

The brainchild of Shibiyoma yesterday saw the (hopefully first annual) Macmillan Charity Tournament. The rules are simple, unpainted units incurred a fine, and you could buy a reroll for yourself or to force your opponent to for £1. Simple as that.

The format was random doubles, 875 points and random draw each time.

And it was superb. Simply one of the best days gaming I’ve ever had. No rules lawyering, no arguments, just great gaming in the most friendly and positive way. I wrote a post a while back on how the people make the game and how you should thank your nemesis. Well here, there were plenty of pounds donated to opponents of certain players, with the advice to spend it wisely and scupper their plans. Again, whereas this kind of mockery could be harsh in a serious game, here it was a tremendous part of the fun!

I used the army as voted for by the public after Shibiyoma’s heavy lobbying, and the united rainbow aspect warriors came 15th out of 16 and I came to an amazing realisation for someone as competitive as I am (how competitive am I? more competitive than you!). I was amazed to find I didn’t care. as the real important number was the total raised.

About 18 gamers in one day raised £520 for Macmillan and that is something magnificent.


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