Dystopian Legions – Oberst Hahl Special Character Painted

So in the second update this week, I’m doing more of my CGF challenge and present the Prussian special character Oberst Hahl.

This badass half mechanical leader joins the Lieutenant and the Teutonic Knight in the painted section of my case, leaving me the other knight and the infantry section to go.

Now I’ve settled on my scheme, the rst of the starter should be easier. But back to Hahl for now. I went with red for the coat after being inspired by the post on the Dystopian Legions forum here and it gives an excellent contrast to the grey . I recommend the forums throughly, especially as a great place to see what others are doing with their Dystopian Legions figures and, er, borrow ideas.

OH front OH back

Overall I think he came out well, and the red will certainly set him apart from the infantry (more for my benefit than anything!)

Comments, as usual, are welcome .


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