Dystopian Legions – Prussian Lieutenant Painted!

So I’ve finally got back round to cracking on with my CGF challenge for this month – the Prussian Dystopian Legions starter set.

As I shared here, due to a busy month I had only got the Teutonic Knight done, but I’ve finally got the time and sorted the two command figures out!

First up today is the Prussian Infantry Lieutenant. He is also my primer for the generally grey Prussian Colour scheme I have in mind.

PL front PL back

I like the green and will be using this as a colour to mark out officers and specialists as I go though my army. mad scientists and badass half mechanical special characters will also have colours to make it easier to pick them out!

Oberst Hahl will be following later in the week, in the mean time, does anyone have any suggestions for how to get a good contrast with the prussian grey?


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