Sedition Wars Unboxing – Strain

So I thought I’d start the Sedition Wars unboxing posts with a look at the Strain. basically I want to admit up from that it was the figures that got me onboard with this kick starter and boy are they shiny. I’ve included all apart from the stage 4 Grendlr, as I’ve not had time to follow the Studio McVey guide on how to assemble this with its non-perfect fit.

So the run down:

Phase 1 front

Phase 1 – shambling bio-mech Zombies

Phase 2 front Phase 2 Back

Phase 2 – first of the specialisations, Stalker on the left (close combat) and Quasimodo on the right (shooting) note the start of the more robot parts starting to emerge.

Stage 3

Phase 3 Brimstone on the left (shooting) and Scythe Witch on the right (close combat). The Scythe Witch has been a model I’ve loved for a long time, and to get so many in Sedition wars (4 at Biohazard) is a joy!

Phase 5 right Phase 5 left phase 5 front

Phase 5, the Cthonian. If you get this on the board your opponent is in serious trouble, it reminds me strangely of the old space crusade dreadnought.

The Pros:

  • Nice figures, very nice and detailed
  • Good lines, seem to be on a par with the resin versions
  • Good feel to them as a group and I love the evolution in-game mechanics and models from shambling horde to bio-machine killers

The Cons

  • The mould lines are quite tricky in places
  • The plastic style is not quite hard plastic, more PP style restic, so can be tricky to prep and uses superglue
  • Good on them for coming out with a blog on how to correct it, but the Grendler’s body halves aren’t even close.

Overall a good set for sedition wars and nice for future sci-fi in general. I know my RPG group will be seeing them soon!

Up next will probably be the Samaritans, once I’ve got them built!


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