Dystopian Legions – Prussian Teutonic Knight Painted!

So as this months pledge, that is inveitably doomed to failure on the CGF forum is the Dystopian Legions Prussian starter set.

Now as I showed in my unboxing post I had, in fact, got them out of the box, which for me is progress! I even got them built last week during the attempts at a starter battle and then tidied them up at home ready for undercoating a nice uniform grey as it seemed a good place to start.

However as I vigously shook my can of grey primer, it felt rather light. I wasn’t worried and thought I’d try and press ahead.  I got to undercoat the front of all of my models and then it ran out. I have ended up with a prussian force that looks on the run from an 80’s music video.

But then I spied the Man of the Match Teutonic Knights just lurking there, pointing out not only were they the models that dragged me into the game in the first place but they were also already undercoated black and ready to go.

So here is the first one of the Prussians:

Prussian Teutonic Knight Front Prussian Teutonic Knight Back Prussian Teutonic Knight Left Side Prussian Teutonic Knight Right Side

Has anyone else got underway with thier Dystopian Legions yet?


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