Free Llael Friday & The Brushworks – Magnetising Your Jacks

Now as every Merc general worth his charter knows, getting the most for your coin is important.

In that spirit, this weeks Free Llael Friday is a guide to magnetising your new merc jacks.

The new kit is a lovely thing, goes together smoothly and unlike some others I really like the poses. I initially bought the kit with the aim of building a second Nomad for my MacBain force, however the Rover really caught my eye.

While trying to think of what to do I had a fortunate accident, once again reaching for my file to start my prep I flung the small stack of magnets from the bottom on my brush holder across my desk for the hundredth time, I had a pinky and the brain moment.

So after looking further at the kit the 2 main differences are the shield (buckler vs shield cannon) and the weapon (great sword vs toy axe) so it was simple to magnetize the right spots as shown below:

JAck 1

For the sword and axe, it was simple: just on the wrist joint:

Left Arm Sword and axe

For the shield, I drilled and magnetised the arm first as shown, then used a blob of paint and a quick dry fit to show where it should go of the corresponding shield:

Right Arm Shields

Top Tips:

  • Use a smaller drill bit to create a guide hole, then drill into that hole with the larger magnet sized bit.
  • Always check you magnet poles, as if you accidentally glue then in a position which repels, that kits never going together!
  • Check and double check positioning, holes are permanent!

Has anyone else done anything a bit different with the plastic jack kits?


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