Merry Geekmas!

I just wanted to do a quick post and say that normal service will be resumed shortly! I’m just chilling out and visiting friends and family for the next few days.

In Geekmas related news it’s looking good!

I’ve now got the corebook for the Laundry RPG


Based on the excellent series of books by Charles Stross, I can’t wait to break this out! review from first read will be coming soon, but so far the RPG that combines the action of interdepartmental meetings with the thrill of ISO 9000 beauocracy (and of course nameless horrors from beyond the wit of man)

Also thanks to our wonderful Canadian visitors me and Mrs BSG now own the Settlers of Catan


This classic eurogame is a staple of many people’s collections, and was great fun to play on christmas day itself. Again I’ll write-up my thoughts in a ‘first time for everything’ shortly.

So Happy Geekmas to all my readers! What geek related stuff did everyone else get?


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