Saturday Smackdown / Random Thoughts – Thank your Nemesis

So Saturday was the pleasure, as always, of playing Simon (aka Legopirate) at 40k at the Dream Dealers club in Coventry.

To make this a little more interesting we had a wager, in the spirit of the season, that the winner would not only be happily victorious, they would also be one Christmas Pudding richer. This is mainly because a everyone knows the best food is that earnt by destroying your enemies!

Simon cropped

I think we can all see from the above how that worked out!

I’d like to take this opportunity to make my excuses:

  • I didn’t realise that drop pods could by intercepted by quad guns on aegis defence lines, After some tremendous dice rolls one of my drop pods packed with tasty 10 man sternguard became a smoking ruin of doom. I belive a commemorative crater littered with the pieces of brave veterans of the Ultramarines is being created, like the wreck of the Normandy from Mass Effect.
  • My list was poor, very very poor, as I noticed when my opponent pointed out a weakness, then someone else did and neither of their observations was the main weakness I’d also spotted.
  • My Ultramaries may have all the faith in the Emperor they need, but if they don’t have any AT weapons you can’t crack rhinos with prayers and scripture.

This is not to say that Simon did not earn his pudding, he very much did with a harsh and brutal list that worked very well. In my head the masterpiece move was moving his dirgecasters in to deny my remining 5 marines overwatch shots. In my head the sound of Dirge Casters will be his evil, victorious laughter.

I have realised I have little choice but to become his Nemesis and hopefully provide more of a challenge in the future. I seem to be collecting nemeses (is that the plural?) like others collect stamps, but these games would be far less fun if it wasn’t for others which explains why Mathhammer players rarely hold conventions. I have a  group of people I play regularly who I enjoy playing against including John of Steam and Shields, Big James, Darren, Keith, Martin, Simon and many others, good guys one and all.

This got me thinking that I am very lucky to have the gaming community I have locally and I wanted to take 2 minutes to recognise that.

Firstly they key to success is communication and thanks to the efforts of Pockets the Admin amongst others, the Coventry Gaming Forum is turning into an excellent hub for the local community, with boards for each club in the midlands area and also the local stores. It’s also nice to unite groups for events such as the upcoming Charity tournament and also share the creative stuff in the creative forum which was part of the reason this blog started in the first place!

I’d also like to say thanks for the guys at both the regular clubs I attend, the Bedworth Gaming Club and Dream Dealers in Coventry these are great places to game, and also places where new games can be tried and I’ve discovered several of my favorite games there and they continue to be great places to get our geek on.

Finally I’d like to thank my opponents. This year through fun games with a variety of players, I’ve rediscovered my love for Warhammer 40k and Warmachine and also branched out into new games, including the excellent looking Dystopian Legions and Zombicide. I know I’ve taken my fair share of whippings and I dare say that will continue, but its great having a good group to play with. Thanks Guys.

So my recommendation would be to take 2 minutes to thank those who annoy, frustrate and foil your plans, they’re the ones that make this community the great place it is.

And Simon? enjoy that pudding, for I aim in 2013 to turn it into Humble Pie!


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