Dystopian Legions – Prussian Unboxing


So as Dystopian Legions is the new hotness and I got lured in by an excellent Ebay auction by the Troll Trader for a Prussian starter set, so I thought I’d do an unboxing. In the interest of disclosure, I got the set for £29 with free postage.

So firstly my objections to this was the usual price (£40 RRP). this is what made me a little hesitant as discussed here. However what I am about to say is quite rare in the world of wargaming. This boxed set is exceedingly good value, even at full price, I’d recommend it based on stuff alone.

In the box you get:

– 12 pewter and resin miniatures with bases
– Token Sheet
– 24 Dice
– Acrylic ruler
– Stat Sheet
– 5 Activation Cards
– 28 Game Cards
– Quickplay Rulebook

Which I think you can agree is a nice bundle for that cost.

Also I know that Dystopian Legions is an alternative history game, and maybe in their timeline words have different meanings, like axing things in Futurama, and obviously one of those different words is ‘Quickplay’.

This is a 78 page book that has everything you need rules wise, but suffers from being produced by Spartan games, who have once again organised their book in what would sportingly be described as a creative and non linear manner. A simple example of this is the movement rules, which are usually key in any game, don’t come until page 42, and the bit before isn’t fluff its other rules. However it does give you everything you need to play, continuing the true starter box feel of the set.

The game accessories are nice and it great to have everything you need from the off. I’d go into more details but face it, just as christmas isn’t about the sprouts, you’re not here for the dice and tape measures, you’re here for the good stuff.

The minis!

Again i’m nicely surprised, this is the first time I’ve bought from Spartan myself, but I’ve painted some Dystopian Wars for others before. In the past I thought the sculpts were ok for the scale. I also looked at Firestorm Armada which appealed to me until Shibiyoma pointed out that each faction was just a faction shape with viewports and once you twig on that its hard to not see things as a maths exercise.

So when I started seeing the Dystopian Legions sculpts online I thought the renders were good and in the flesh the figures Live up to thos inital images.

So, the breakdown:



Sarg and specialists

Specialist and Sargeant

Character and officer

Character, Oberst Werner Hahl and officer

Teutonic knights

Teutonic Knights.

So as you can see the models are nice, if a little flashtastic, but nothing that the usual prep won’t fix.

Highlights for me are the Knights, which might be my first thing to do and the Character figure, who, if nothing else, will also be a bad ass commissar at some point. Also the Specialist with the multi barreled Veirling rifle also stands a very good chance of being my new IK RPG character.

The box also gives me a problem that its nice to have: the line infantry are too good! As hopefully my work shows I like to do a nice job, and these minis, down to the basic guys are very nice, very detailed and I’d hate to do a simple block and wash, as it would sell them short.

So overall Spartan have got off to an excellent start with me, once I’ve had chance to play the game itself, I’ll put up more thoughts.

Finally, just for Medevio at Steam and Shields Spartan Games have started previewing other factions they’ll be releasing in 2013 here, join us!

What’s everyone else’s view of this new line?


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