Free Llael Friday – First of the Gun Mages!

So, continuing the theme of Free Llael Friday, I present the first one the gun mages from the Order of the Amethyst Rose. I love the figures, but want to ensure they look and feel part of my Merc force, and not the dirty swans.

Now one of the joys of coming back to Warmachine was discovering the Gun Mage figures had been resulpted. They always were one of my favourite units during a brief and mistaken dalliance with the Swan (I was young, I was foolish, I came to realise that Magnus was right!). The joy that now not only do they have nice models but that i can also take them is brilliant! I intend to go all out, with full unit, attachment, solo and Mule!

I decided to go with the UA as my prototype for a few simple reasons, great sculpt, lovely detail and it was ready to be undercoated. The new unit sculpts are great but multipart, so need some more prep to do them all at once.

I’ve again gone for the subtle bits of purple to pull it all together as a force, and I intend to paint the Captain Adept next in the same scheme.

Front  Back

The gun mages will be part of my CGF painting pledge for December although I may alter it to include some Dystopian Legions Prussians, as I’m itching to get those underway!

Comments, as ever, are welcome.


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