Dystopian Legions – Prussians: By Iron and Blood!

So, for this one, I’m blaming Shibiyomo, who just encourages my gamer ADD

As we’re well aware I’ve a love of steam punk things, but I’ve been trying hard to keep focused on Warmachine. However I then saw this:


And dammit, they nearly got me. but luckily I didn’t have the spare cash for the starter.

but it’s not like fate conspired to give me £10 from linkedin for doing a survey, and then had the Troll Trader list starters cheaper so one could be sniped at about £29. Otherwise I’d be in trouble. but luckily I was safe.

Except when the parcel arrived on my doorstep today.

So I’ve now got the starter to play with, I’ll run an unboxing later in the week, then start making my way through. I can’t wait to start on the boss and the Teutonic Knights.

Also I’m finally getting through the IK RPG, and it’s lovely, I’ll be putting a write-up on here soon.

So anyone else tempted to defect to a new game?


One response to “Dystopian Legions – Prussians: By Iron and Blood!

  1. So the Legions got you then mate? Can’t wait to see them painted! I’m waiting for one of the other factions to appear (like the russians or the french) before I pick some up.

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