Free Llael Friday – Bonus! – Sam Machorne and the Devil Dogs

So the Sam Machorne and the Devil Dogs were one of the very early mercenary units for Warmachine and as such I bought them for 2 reasons:
• They were nice sculpts
• They had excellent fluff
• If you wanted a unit that wasn’t dwarf or trollkin, they were one of they very limited choices

However this was counterbalanced by one crucial fact : in my local meta, they were like bringing a custard pie to a gunfight.

AOE’s were the order of the day and the unit as a whole and Sam in particular didn’t deal well, and then the options expanded and we kind of drifted apart.

As such there were relegated to the case, occasionally looked at sadly and not seen until I started thinking about La Resistance!

They are one of the few units on the tier list, and I thought that finally finishing them after a small delay of 8 years could be a good idea, in mark 2 there are many ways to help and support them, compared to the point sink they were in mark 1. It also also one of the units from the CGF Painting Pledge!

Group cropped

I love the variety of weapons in the unit:

Gunner Cropped Axer cropped Netter cropped

Sam in particular was good fun to paint, a marvellous level of detail.

Sam front cropped Sam Back Cropped

I’ll be aiming to bulk these out to a full unit of 10 in the coming weeks.

Comments, as ever, are welcome


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