Free Llael Friday – Bonus – Dannon Blythe and Bull Part One

Now as many of you will know, I’m a complete nerd (no news to you I’m sure as you read my miniatures blog) and I like watching videos on YouTube as I paint. One of my favorite series is Crash Course World History, and i highly recommend it to everyone.

Now I expect your trying to work out why this is relevant, let me explain. There are often moments where things sync up well and connect perfectly. I was watching the video on Imperialism whilst working out what to paint next, and part way though that (10:22 in particular) the video is discussing the Maxim Machine Gun and how it helped a lot. It also had the excellent rhyme “Whatever happen,s we have got, The Maxim Gun and they have not” and as Jon Green said those words, I spotted the bigger half of this dynamic duo, the hulking trollkin, Bull.

So as i said, some things just sync up perfectly.

Bull is a very interesting figure and also counts as 0.5 of one of my units from the CGF painting pledge for November. Again this is a RPG Character in the fluff first, having starred on the front of the old IK RPG Fluff Book with Dannon (who’ll be coming soon)

A gain, a few common colours to tie him in with te army as a whole, I’m looking forward to seeing how they pan out as a unit.

Bull Front Bull Back

As for the rest of the Good Guys, I’m just starting to work on the Gun Mage core of my army, Order of the Amethyst Rose pictures coming soon

Comments, as ever, are welcome.


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