Solo Sunday and Free Llael Friday Bonus! – Taryn di la Rovissi

So following up from the posting of Rutger on Friday I’ve also sorted out his Gun Mage special friend Taryn di la Rovissi.

gun mage glare Gun Mage front Gun Mage back

These solos really are better with each other, as much as 4 points is expensive, from what I can tell it’d be foolish to not to team both of them up.


Also, along with Anastasia Di Bray  she unlocks Tier 2 of Ashylyn’s list. so  things are coming together nicely.

On that front I finally got to get some under coating done, so hopefully the first lady herself as well as the first of the Order of the Amethyst Rose will be appearing soon.

Commenst, as ever, are welcome


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