The Merc Resurgence – We need some Rules!

So if I’m going to lead the Merc resurgence in the Bedworth area, I feel I need to establish some rules.

  1. If I lose a game with a caster, I have to use the same caster next game.
  2. If a caster loses three games in a row they are benched for at least 3 games.
  3. If possible i will play a tier list rather than a contract – I like the restrictions and flavour.
  4. If possible each week I will field something new I have painted, or try to increase the number of painted figs on the table.

This means that tomorrow is make or break for Macbain and as nice as the shouty man is, a bad result tomorrow could see him in quarantine with the dice who misbehave for at least 3 games.

So any rules that you play by to make things more fun?

Comments and additions to the list, as always, are welcome.


5 responses to “The Merc Resurgence – We need some Rules!

  1. Buy and use galleon in every game?

    Deny yourself access to non-human mercenaries, unless using a rhulic caster? ( then no humans allowed)

    Or play durgan madhammer as your next caster (if mcbaine fails)

  2. Galleon is likely to be after christmas. i won’t use a colossal every game, as i’m not Shibiyoma!
    I’m not using Rhulic at all at the minuite, i’ve got more of a hankering to play humans!

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