Solo Saturday – Anastasia di Bray

So today once again shows my love of alliteration and also shows the real fun of the Mercenary army, we get the most fun characterful solos.

So today’s solo, fitting my quest for a Llael theme force, is spy mistress and key to the revolution Anastasia di Bray. Now as you can tell, I’m a Warmachine fan and I love the vast majority of the range, they are very evocative miniatures that reflect the art and dynamism reflected in their concepts, Anastasia’s art is beautiful, dynamic and interesting:

Anistasia art

So why did Privateer Press decide to take all of this and give us what can only be described as looking like the sulky woman from Dragons den? maybe their hanging on for an ‘exclusive’ resculpt!

As she is a key part of Ashlynn’s tier list, I’ve finished the figure. I’ve tried to keep it very much to minimal colours as is fitting for a spymistress, as you’ll see as a trend there is purple on the coat which is my way of trying to tie the disparate Mercs together as Ashlynn’s force of liberation, so you’ll be seeing more touches of purple in the resistance stuff to come.

ADB front

As ever, comments are  welcome below, and more solos will follow as soon as it gets warm enough to undercoat!

I also have a dilemma, I have a game on Tuesday, which caster should i use? the options are Macbain, Ashlynn or Magnus, votes in the comments below!


4 responses to “Solo Saturday – Anastasia di Bray

  1. Nice job on a terribad figure wish they had made it like the art which is the muts nuts, what’s she like in game now?

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