Free Llael Friday – The First Lady Part One: Prep

So I’ve had a thought, a flash on inspiration, like when the music kicks in on the Chaos Engine intro. It’s simple, if I’m dragged back into this game by a single figure, I should do an army themed around her, Tier 4, fully painted. Its my target and also a nice regular feature, so each friday I’ll be posting my progress.

So this week for the first Free Llael Friday we start with the prep for the boss herself, Ashlynn D’elyse. This is the Privateer Press exclusive version, the nice one who doesn’t look like a bad steam punk escapee from the matrix. However it also has a few problems, mainly very awkward joints.

By the way, once again, this post is sponsored by the right-angled surrealist photographers club – see life from a different angle!

So firstly, the pieces:

The plan is to assemble in two parts, body with arcane turbine and banner and hand so i can paint them separately then assemble at the last possible point. So once you’ve done the basic glueing of the turbine, the body looks like this:

And the banner is like this:

The remaining main problem is the small wrist joint, which is a sod to pin, but very much needs it. I use a simple methods of using a 0.2 mm drill to make a guide hole, and the 0.5 for the actual hole. then using the paperclip wire trimmed to length as the pin. Learn from my experience, if you’re doing this yourself, make sure you get the hand and wrist lined up before you drill the hole, it does not go together how you think it will!

So then time for one last dry fit before under coating:

Ready to go to the more exciting stage of painting!

Comments as ever are welcome, especially if you know how to get WordPress to rotate my pictures!

I’ll be posting more of the friends of the First Lady over the weekend.


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