Blast from the Past – Urban War

Quite a while ago a company called Urban Mammoth produced a game called Urban War.

It was a sci-if skirmish game with small teams of the different factions fighting out battles usually about 5-10 models aside.

The rules were released in magazine format, then complied into a book and released. It was a nice system with interesting mechanics, especially around initiative.

However the company itself suffered from a lack of focus, and this damaged the game badly. They skipped from Urban War to Metropolis (full-scale battles) and CLAU team actions (like sci-fi colossals for metropolis). then a weird medieval chibi type game, then many other things. Just as they were building up one game or new book they’d wander off. They also tried to do a film, books and a generic sci-fi tank kit.

This also dented the community, they visited my FLGS at the time talked up the games and said what they had planned and then, again pretty much disappeared.

So round here the community was a bit narked, were old-fashioned, ‘you only get to hurt us once’ kind of guys. So the mighty Syntha have been in my case for a long time.

Until tonight!

The second edition of Urban way came out and Darren (he of pyromaniac fame) suggested a game. The first comment I got from my other club members was “they released it 2 months ago, I’m sure they’ve dropped support already”

And what I’m about to say really bothers me after how they treated their player base.

Its good, really a second edition worthy of the title, they’ve tightened up all the bad bits of the rules, improved the initiative system and it really worked well as a game. And i’d love to play more, but its not going to happen.

It’s just a shame they’re not going to get my money as all the people I’d like to play wouldn’t give Urban Mammoth the time of day, let alone the cash in their wallets.

The main message from this is very simple, When Urban War was released the players were supportive and vocal. When Urban Mammoth moved onto other things again and again, they showed they didn’t listen to their customers, which is why for my gaming club at least, they didn’t hear them saying goodbye and as many gaming companies have learnt to thier detriment no-one bears grudges like grown men who paint dwarves.

Comments, as ever, are welcomed.


5 responses to “Blast from the Past – Urban War

  1. I’d happily play again and give them more money if there was anything new at all, looking at the viridian’s I own all those models from 4 years ago!

  2. I never got to play the game in its original edition, although I wanted to. The Junkers and the Viridians are both very appealing factions to me. I almost picked it up when 2nd ed came out, but I decided not to. However, it just may be a 2013 game for me, at least to try out.
    As I don’t have a history with (or against) the company, I will come to it fresh, without bias.

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