Saturday Smashdown Part 2 – 25 pts Vs. Menoth

So for Part 2 of Saturday Smashdown was 25pts Vs Menoth. Again I apologise for the sideways photos.

The Menoth were led by High Priest Darren ironically in the church community centre that hosts the Dreamdealers club.

My list was the same as part one here because in true Merc traditional if it’s already broke, no one will pay to fix it.

Darren’s list was Epic Feora, two sunburst artillery, a min choir, a vassal, Vilmon, heavy with a flame thrower, the bottle rocket light jack and the flamer light jack. Sorry it’s been a long while, I don’t know the names!

In essence I was advancing into one of two lanes around a wood that helpfully shielded the Menoth forces.  I split my forces foolishly sending the rover right and taking everything else left.

My brave forces weathered the storm of bottle rockets and more importantly fire continuous effects, except for Stannis Broker who was apparently wearing armour made of petrol soaked rags. I give Darren excellent credit for figuring out that the protection from Macbain’s feat ends at the start of my turn, just before the roll for continuous effects.  The markers in the picture below all mean the same thing, that a minion is about to burn to death.

Like game 1 we came down to a war of attrition, with 3 Warjacks going down in 2 turns. In the crucial turn the three remaining brave steelheads becoming waling bottle rocket stoppers (loving that spell!) and Macbain finally finished off Vimon who was in his only magical weapons can hurt me stance. Also the Rover who had gone the long way round got a cheeky shield cannon shot in on Feroa, causing some nice damage.

Things were looking good, so inevitably it then went wrong.  With Drake having ushered the High Paladin into the arms of Menoth he was left out in the open but positioned well for next turn. Unfortunately Vilmon apparently got the big man upstairs to turn his attention to the battlefield. Macbain was nailed by a sunburst and then got charged by the last remaining jack that was full of focus and has the full effects of the choirs singing.

So when the dust settled Darren had done exactly enough to box Macbain.

So again it was down to the tough roll. And once again the dice came up a 4 and it was over.

What we learned:

+Steelheads are still awesome

+My Rover is apparently stealthy, both me and my opponent seemed to forget about it until it shot Feora.

– Choirs are vicious, kill them off.

– Fire is bad and hurts.

– Macbain isn’t a frontline caster like Magnus and a couple of hits can really crimp his style.

As always comments are welcome, how is everyone else using Macbain?


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