Smashdown Saturday Part 1 – 25 points vs Cygnar

Hubris can be an issue, it is often the easiest way to throw away any advantage you have and miss simple things. I know this, I’ve tripped myself up on a number of occasions.

When I asked my opponent if he was ok with me taking notes and photos to write the game up, his response was classic:

“Go ahead, I want this recorded for posterity”

Hubris as I said.

My opponent for this game was my good friend and nemesis James, also known as Shibayoma on the CGF.

My list for both games was fairly simple :

Macbain Theme list:

Drake himself, Mangler, Nomad, Rover, Max Steelheads, Stannis Brocker

The vile swan army of evil consisted of (hey, it’s all about perspective):

Epic Stryker, Avenger, Hammersmith, Min Storm Blades, Squire, Min Stormlances

Before we begin I’d like to point out that Surrealism is the key to the day as  apparently WordPress wants all my photos to be sideways.

This was my first game with Macbain, and my main mistake was tripping my feat early, being menaced by the Stormlances. When I made charging them a fruitless and unappealing option, they redeployed towards the centre of the board which then became the centre of the game.

In my turn I managed to get Brocker and Nomad into combat, destroying a horse each, the counter attack cost me a lot of damage on the Rover from the Hammersmith and the entire Nomad to the Stormblades. Also Stryker polished of Brocker, which was not good.

On my next turn most of the focus was spent on jackhammer with the hope that the Rover would take out the Hammersmith before it inevitably died and it got so close. So I committed the Steelheads with a 4 man combined attack to finish off the ‘smith and give me a fighting chance. All I needed was to roll anything but double 1.

We all know what happened next. I read a great article on dice luck by Kriegsspiele here, but I know my dice hate me and don’t want me to be happy.

This cost me the Hammersmith and all but 2 of the steelheads.

In my turn it was make or break, the Mangler was given full focus, had fortune cast on it and sent to work.  It was a lovely man (jack?) of the match performance, as he cleared out all the stormblades, and finished off the Hammersmith and crushed all who opposed him.

Very helpfully clearing Stryker’s charge lane.

After overcharging, and taking 12 damage for the pleasure, Stryker charges. He whiffs the first time (well, Macbain is intimidating!) but connects on the second swing. It all came down to the tough roll.

Dice comes up a 4 and it’s all over.

This was a great game and as ever superb highly competitive fun.

What we learned:

+ Steelheads are useful, annoying fun

+ Jackhammer and fortune make Macbain an excellent flexible caster, as you can make up for allocation mistakes to buy the attacks later.

– Macbain’s feat is all about timing and I popped  it too early.

– “And hope massively Powerful Epic Stryker misses a lot” or “Then pass my tough roll” are no longer allowed as plans.

– Never gamble on dice rolls, cause your dice hate you!

Second part coming tomorrow, 25pts vs Menoth.

As ever, comments welcome below!


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