Operation Meatshield – Finished Minimum Unit of Steelheads

So this is the first of the completed units for the November Painting Pledge on CGF! (One of three for the month, in theory!)

Steelheads in Warmachine are very useful, a cheap, effective meatshield unit that can be used for everything from charge blocking to soul tokens.

As for the official models they are another example that now and again Privateer Press decide that you are too happy and have too many fingerprints and they should change that.

Not wanting to spend my time cursing and constantly regluing, I decided to seek an alternative and found it in PP’s own catalogue; Cygnar City Guard.

Great simple models, one piece or two piece, plenty of detail, and they paint up nicely. Several quick trips to eBay later and I’ve got enough for my unit.

So below is the minimum unit of 6. I still have more to do at some point to make it the full unit of 10 but it’s a start and it counts!

As ever feel free to leave comments below. More over the next few days especially if I get chance to get to work on Llael’s Leading Lady.


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